Child Abuse: Can Child Abuse Set Someone Up To Believe That They Don’t Deserve To Exist?

Child Abuse: Can Child Abuse Set Someone Up To Believe That They Don’t Deserve To Exist?

The very fact that someone is on this planet – has incarnated – could be put forward as evidence that they deserve to exist. But, although this is so, someone could still believe that they don’t deserve to be here.

Through having this belief, it won’t be possible for them to see that they have been given life and are worthy of the life that they have been given. What is taking place inside them will stop them from being able to accept the truth.

Their Reality

Nonetheless, this doesn’t mean that one is aware of what they believe and how this belief is defining their life. Instead, how they experience life could just be what is normal, which will prevent them from being able to see what is going on.

They will then have a lot of negativity within them and their life is unlikely to be very fulfilling, yet they won’t try to change it. This will just be how life is and they won’t feel as though they deserve to experience life differently.

A Bleak Existence

Due to how they see themselves, being able to survive is likely to be seen as a big achievement. Being able to thrive and living a joyful existence, on the other hand, might not even cross their mind.

This could be seen as something that is only possible for other people to experience; those that deserve to be here. They could feel incredibly grateful that even their basic needs are being met.


When it comes to their level of consciousness, they are likely to be right down at the bottom. The feelings that they have and their experiences are going to be in alignment with these lower levels.

So, along with just having their basic needs met, they might be used to being treated badly and feeling bad about themselves. The people closest to them may treat them the worst and if they do feel good, it might not be long until their negative inner critic soon appears.

A Very Low Place

Unlike the average person, they are not going to have a sense of their own worth or a healthy sense of entitlement. If they had both of these elements in place, they would know that they not only deserve to be here but they deserve to fulfil their ‘higher’ needs.

Thus, they can have their basic needs met and they can have the needs met that will allow them to thrive. This will allow them to grow and to expand and to live a life that is worth living.

What’s going on?

It can seem strange as to why someone would be this way; however, it could make complete sense given what they probably went through during the beginning of their life. At this stage of their life, they may have been treated very badly.

This would have meant that they didn’t receive the love, care and guidance that they needed in order to develop in the right way. The trouble is that now that they are an adult, they might not remember what took place.

Connecting the Dots

If they were able to look back on how they were treated at this stage of their life, they may see why their life is the way that it is now that they are an adult. Then again, thanks to what is going on for them, this might not take place.

They could believe that the reason they were treated badly during this time is that they are bad and don’t deserve to be here. If this takes place, it will be essential for them to reflect on the fact that how they were treated as a child doesn’t mean that they have no value or mean that they don’t deserve to be here.

What Took Place?

Perhaps this was a time in their life when they were abused and/or neglected. Rather than being treated like a special human being who deserved to be here, they would have been treated like a worthless burden.

It was then not that their caregivers chose to bring them into the world; it was as if they just appeared out of nowhere and were completely unwanted. How they were treated would have been seen as a sign that they had no value and didn’t deserve to exist, due to being egocentric.

Moving Forward

Ultimately, what took place was a reflection of what was taking place for their caregiver/s and had absolutely nothing to do with them. For them to realise this at the core of their being, there is a strong chance that they will need to work through a lot of inner wounds.

Receiving positive feedback from others will be important too, but this is unlikely to have much of impact until they start to clear their inner baggage. By undertaking in this process, they will actually be able to accept and internalise the positive messages that they receive from others.


If someone can relate to this, and they are ready to transform their life, they may need to reach out for external support. This is something that can take place with the assistance of a therapist or healer.

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