Children’s Book Review – Alice in Wonderland Retold

Children’s Book Review – Alice in Wonderland Retold

Dreams are something that children understand and a dream world like Alice in Wonderland is a classic children’s tale. But as a parent it is important to have a simple story illustrated to tell our young ones. What if I told you about a book that had pictures and made telling this story to your young kids a snap? You’d be able to do it with ease and capture the imagination of your child the way the story intended.

The book I’d like to recommend is one I’ve read to the little ones myself. It is an inexpensive book and the illustrations and pictures are really excellent. The book is:

“Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland Meets the White Rabbit” Golden Book Series retold by Jane Werner with pictures from the Walt Disney Studios, all based on the original story by Lewis Carroll. Golden Books with Western Publishing Company Incorporated; Racine, WI; 1951. ISBN: 0-307-02149-1.

As soon as you start reading this aloud to your kids the story will come back to you. Alice falls down a rabbit hole into a dream world and has an interesting time, sometimes a little scary, but always enchanting. She has fun, makes new friends, and has parties with other characters too. She meets the king and all his men, and the house of cards.

Then after it’s all over, a very happy ending, Alice wakes up and Wonderland is gone, it was all in her dreams, and she misses it and hopes to go back someday to visit with all of her new friends.

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