Rebellious teen turning younger kids poor, parenting assistance from Treatment and Feeding.

Rebellious teen turning younger kids poor, parenting assistance from Treatment and Feeding.

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Expensive Treatment and Feeding,

My brother and sister-in-regulation have two daughters, and we have two daughters as perfectly.
All are in 4 years of every single other’s ages and have quite a great deal developed up together. The 4 women typically spend weekends and holiday seasons together, with our respective family members stepping up to manage childcare/carpool if one set of mother and father simply cannot. My oldest niece, “Erica,” is now 14, and she is truly having difficulties. She received in trouble at faculty at the beginning of this calendar year for sending nude photographs, and yet again for vaping in the faculty rest room. Her language has devolved to recurrent cursing, sarcasm, and negativity directed at whoever takes place to have gotten on her undesirable aspect that working day. I know this can be a ordinary element of adolescence, and I really want to maintain Erica shut, as I also know that social assist and belonging is vital to encouraging teenagers navigate these hormone-filled several years.

But here’s the dilemma: Any time my two daughters invest time with Erica, they undertake her mind-set for at least 24-to-48 several hours afterwards, and often longer. They are sullen, grouchy, rude, and uninterested in nearly anything other than screen time immediately after they arrive again from hanging out with her. At the time they have some time away from her, they go back again to their normal baseline (undoubtedly some grouchiness as is regular in all tweens, but nothing at all like Erica’s behavior—though we did have a person incident where our older daughter, who is 12, was caught with a vape cartridge she acquired from Erica). My spouse completely hates this and wants to lower way back again on the visits with Erica. I do not want to do this. I don’t want to connect to Erica that we are abandoning her when she’s likely by means of a rough patch. My partner calls her behavior “contagious,” and it frustrates him that I insist on having the children jointly, especially since there is a record of substance abuse in his household and he is very sensitive to the matter.

Must we reduce again on the visits? And if we must, how would we do so devoid of excluding Erica’s more youthful sister? What need to we say if our daughters question why we never see Erica as much? Is there a way to help Erica though nevertheless shielding my daughters from the habits Erica is partaking in? Please advise.

—Unsure Aunt in Tennessee

Expensive Unsure Aunt,

It seems to me that you and your spouse are functioning at cross-applications and that if you accede to his desire to hold your daughters away from Erica—whom your daughters enjoy, and whom you adore and don’t want to abandon—a complete host of other complications are likely to crop up. Of program he hates that his daughters act the way they do for that brief interval soon after spending time with their older, classically rebellious/tough cousin. Absolutely everyone hates remaining all over impolite, sullen, usually disagreeable teenagers. The good thing is, it generally passes when they get through that terrible age, as lengthy as they have the guidance and continuous love of the older people they can rely on to be all-around them, as you on your own feel to correctly understand. And of system, it may perhaps be worth carefully reminding your husband that there is every possibility his have angels are heading to begin behaving “badly” unbiased of their cousin—quotation marks because what you’ve described about Erica’s behavior appears to be on the decreased stop of the doable teen badness scale—once they strike 14, and that he could possibly have to do the job on methods for coping with it.

The position you make about the substance abuse background in your husband’s loved ones is interesting: I am guessing that Erica’s vaping (presumably we’re speaking tobacco?) appears to your spouse a achievable preamble or precursor to far more serious drug-having, and that her actions is triggering to him simply because of that. But this is a conversation truly worth getting with him, and it is a result in truly worth his scrutiny, for the reason that again, there is no assurance that your have two daughters will not go by a sullen, sarcastic, rebellious, commonly obnoxious section. If he overreacts to it, I assure it will make items much even worse.

As you examine all this with your spouse, I would also—if I were you—not dig in your heels but be open to compromise. That compromise should not take the sort of excluding Erica from cousin get-togethers, which would be cruel. It may possibly take the sort, nonetheless, of not paying each and every weekend with each other and of scheduling far more actions with the four girls at which adults are current and even an offended, unhappy 14-year-old can permit down her guard a very little and just have entertaining. How I would like that some compassionate adult had forced me at that age to get outside the house and operate about, swim, or usually just nevertheless be a child and enable go, at the very least for a minor even though, of all my angst and misbegotten attempts to act like a grownup!

— Michelle

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