The Top 5 Reasons Your Child Needs Good Reading Habits

The Top 5 Reasons Your Child Needs Good Reading Habits

Lifelong success depends upon developing a few basic skills; reading is one these. It is not just your child’s academic success that will be impacted by the development of good reading habits, but also many other aspects of life as well. Why is it so vital to develop good reading habits? Here are the top five reasons good reading habits are absolutely vital for any child’s success.

Vocabulary expansion. Reading is one of the best ways to add new words to your child’s vocabulary. Susan Canizares, PhD, who specializes in the development of language and literacy, explains how reading can expose your child to a world of new words and phrases: “When you read aloud to your child, you are not only helping to prepare her to learn to read, you are also exposing her to rich language she otherwise might not hear.”

Increased attention span. So many children today suffer from short attention spans; reading is an excellent way to combat this. Focusing on a book requires a child to stay in one place and pay attention, which will help to expand their attention span and focus better in all areas of life.

Preparing your child for school. School is a very reading intensive environment. Children who have developed good reading habits early in life will have a much easier to adjusting to this environment.

Encourage a love of books for a lifetime. When you develop good reading habits in your child early in life, you encourage them to develop a lifelong love of the written word. They will be more likely to continue reading throughout their life, assisting in further education.

Reading makes children want to learn. Reading encourages curiosity about the world, and leads children to want to learn and discover even more. It leads children to ask question and seek out answers, encouraging them to learn more.

There are a few simple ways that parents can help to develop the good reading habits in their children that will serve them well for a lifetime:

• Start reading to your children from a very young age
• Spend some time reading your own books, as this will be a model for your children
• Take the time to talk to your child about what they have been reading

Parents are the best possible role models for their children when it comes to good reading habits. This will help them to develop the motivation needed to read. “Children develop motivation to read by being read to often, learning firsthand the pleasures that reading can bring,” says Susan B. Neuman, who directs the Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement located at the University of Michigan.

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