November 28, 2021


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20 Funny Happy Father’s Day Memes That Will Literally Make Dad LOL

Who says Father’s Day has to be super serious? For those with a more jokey father-child relationship, these memes about Father’s Day (as well as classic dad jokes) are sure to make your dad crack up a little. Most of these jokes are of the so-bad-it’s-good variety, so laugh along shamelessly with your own father at the silly puns and situations.

While there are plenty of inspiring Father’s Day quotes and musings to share with your dad as well, there’s nothing quite like the gift of laughter. And if your dad’s meme game is strong, even better. Some of the internet in-jokes will be even funnier with a little context. In any case, the memes reflect on daily life as a dad (even as a dad of adult kids), and all the occasional hilarity that results. Fair warning: the number of dad jokes in this piece only increases as the list continues. It’s about to get cheesier than a nacho stand. The whole parenting thing takes a lot of work, after all, and sometimes all you can do is laugh. So text, email, or post these Happy Father’s Day memes on social to share you and your dad’s comedic genius with the world.


What’s in a Name?

OK, but the kid’s expression makes this meme 100% better. The insult is so clear.


Raising The Child

How cute is this duo? It’s basically parenting goals. Oh, and if your dad is a fan, there are plenty of Star Wars Father’s Day gifts to consider, from comics to punny mugs.


Every Time

Somehow, kids don’t get that adults need naptime, too. They take it as an invitation to talk about their favorite Paw Patrol episode for the zillionth time.


The Only Reaction

To be fair to kids, it takes a while to understand sarcasm. To be fair to parents, this joke literally never gets old.



Not going to lie, I laughed at this one. It’s just the epitome of a dad joke.


The Little Things

Well, it takes a few years for kids to really get these concepts. But they’ll appreciate it one day.


The Uniform

There’s so many jokes about Dads and New Balance shoes. But they’re kind of true?


Heartfelt Appreciation

Despite all their antics, the family from Bob’s Burgers shares a lot of love. This moment of sincerity from Gene is pretty adorable.



What would Vader be like as more of an involved father figure, though? It’s fun to imagine him in this role.


The Perfect Gift

It’s like every dad meme contained in one album. How can you resist?


The Right Speed

For some dads, auto care is their love language. And he’ll always ask about when your car last had an oil change, no matter how old you get.



Honestly, dads who can get a little *extra* are treasures. This is perfection.


Phone Tag

Is this hand-off common in your family? Not everyone is a phone person, and that’s OK.


It’s The Thought That Counts

It still counts as a gift, right? Right?


Wait a Minute. . .

Of course, you’re always welcome to have your own family tradition. Maybe dad wants to go for brunch or Sunday? Or if you’re into cooking, there’s a ton of great Father’s Day recipes to consider, including salmon and salad dishes.



At least the sentiment is good? It’s going to take more than a little touch-up paint to remove that custom message.


Hooray For Dads

It takes real Dad-ication to write a meme this silly. Also, you’ll never look at a ukulele the same way again.


100% Done

The doctor’s expression is so accidentally perfect. It’s how many people deal with classic dad humor.


Grill Love Is Real Love

For dads who enjoy cooking outdoors, there’s nothing like firing up a new grill. As it turns out, plenty of unexpected foods can be grilled, including watermelon and even French toast. There’s a lot to be said for getting creative with the charcoal.


The Giving Dad

Some dads will do anything for their kids, no matter how big or small. It’s honestly endearing.

Whatever else you do for the holiday this year, some silly Father’s Day memes are the perfect complement.