October 22, 2021


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Convicted Muncie molester sentenced to 77 several years in prison

MUNCIE, Ind. — A Muncie guy convicted of molesting two women while pursuing his “ill, twisted sexual fantasies”  was sentenced Wednesday to 77 years in prison.

James E. Samuels, 58, was found guilty of little one molesting and vicarious sexual gratification by a Delaware Circuit Court docket 1 jury in August 2019.

Testimony for the duration of that demo indicated the Muncie person had continuously sexually abused a lady in the 1990s, at instances threatening to beat that target to dying with a broom if she reported his crimes.

Samuels was also convicted of directing that sufferer and an underage boy to have interaction in sexual intercourse acts, calling them “my very little porn stars.” That exercise resulted in a being pregnant when the lady was 13.

Very last month, Samuels pleaded guilty to one more molesting rely, stemming from a afterwards sequence of attacks on one more female.