October 17, 2021


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Enjoyable HILL RAMBLINGS: Celebrating the Solstice down in ‘The Greenwood’ | Life

Diana and Ron Riggs are the two nicely recognized for their musical talent in Pleasant Hill. Diana is the tunes director at the Pleasant Hill Community Church, UCC. Ron performs on an beautiful established of singing crystal bowls and provides his tenor voice to the church choir. Whilst the church had been closed for in-church events for above a calendar year till not too long ago in June, both equally have faithfully provided music every Sunday (and from time to time for the duration of the week) on Fb and YouTube providers. Nevertheless, their abilities don’t stop there. Ron practices and leads Hatha Yoga classes. Diana conducts and participates in a team identified as the Tenuto Trio, which has performed quite a few live shows in the Higher Cumberland region. They both enjoy gardening and mother nature so that is where “The Greenwood” is highlighted.

The Greenwood will come from a pagan chant: “Come absent Human Little one, Come absent to the Greenwood see wonders great and wild — you constantly understood that you could.” The Greenwood is an enchanted place, which Ron very first created in their backyard when they moved into a house on the circle (Ouachita Circle) in Minor Rock, AR. Their earlier home was destroyed by a big tree that fell on it throughout a twister. When a little lady moved in upcoming doorway with her mother and older sister, she became a regular customer and was the inspiration for a series of fairy tales that Diana wrote for a annually celebration of the Summertime Solstice. Shakespeare’s play within a participate in, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” follows the characters into a forest inhabited by fairies. How is the Summertime Solstice referred to as Midsummer when most of us think about the Solstice the commencing of summer time? It has to do with the growing year and not the astronomical actions of earth all over the solar. Therefore customarily midsummer has been celebrated all around the same time as the Summer Solstice.

So how did this enchanted position in Arkansas conclusion up in an similarly charmed yard in Pleasant Hill, Tennessee? In 2016 Diana explained this journey, “Once on a time…” Isn’t that the way all of our favorite stories from childhood started? 

“Once upon a time, and not seriously that extended in the past, the tiny Greenwood at the rear of the house on the Circle disappeared into the mist. Just like the mystical Isle of Avalon — like magic — it disappeared into the mists of time. But, unlike the mystical Isle of Avalon — about a calendar year later some symptoms appeared numerous miles to the east that pointed to its possible reappearance… in Tennessee! It looked like the similar sign — created of wood, painted brown with gold letters that proclaimed THE GREENWOOD. The sign pointed to a path of dry leaves leading into a wooded area guiding a “new” dwelling on a road referred to as Evergreen. Standing sentinel on either side of the indication were being two of the flower fairies — Lily and ‘Shroom — beckoning us ahead unto the path.”

The visitors to “The Greenwood” through this earlier Summertime Solstice encountered a bell on a tree to ring a few instances to “alert the fairies.” The flower fairies, Rose, Lily and Daisy, are joined by the shadow fairies in a range of dimensions. The creatures tell time with the sunshine dial in the course of the working day and by the stars at evening. There is so much to see — fairy cottages, mushroom residences, tree stump habitats, colored crystals hanging in towers catching the gentle to make rainbows. The fairy sprinkles on the path lead past a bench to a silver bowl guarded by Mr. Gnome whole of some of their favorite trinkets that guests may perhaps consider in remembrance of their pay a visit to. The “inhale-exhale” rock was still left more than from Ron’s Very little Rock Yoga Studio. Other fascinating creatures they encounter in “The Greenwood” are everywhere you go. “Little” (Large) Foot, two feet tall, perches amid the tree branches. Ron rescued him from meeting his demise at the close by Convenience Heart on Hwy. 70. At the top of the path is a meditating frog, who used to reside at the Backyard Heart. As the finish of the longest working day of the 12 months approached twilight, tiny LED lights began popping on as the sunshine sank beneath the horizon.