October 21, 2021


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How the Royal Family sneak onto commercial flights – and their go-to airline revealed

The Queen and other senior Royal Family members have been known to use commercial flights when travelling across the globe for official engagements

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The Royal family are known for arriving by various modes of transport when they go on official visits.

But they do fly commercially and appear to have a go-to airline of choice – the flag-bearing British Airways.

Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip took a British Airways Concorde on their state visit to the USA in 1991 and were photographed disembarking at Bergstrom Air Force Base near Austin, Texas.

The Daily Express reports that the Queen does not travel on scheduled flights but instead uses chartered British Airways planes for official business.

In 2011 she chartered a British Airways Boeing 777 for her journey to Australia for an 11-day tour with the Duke of Edinburgh.

The rest of the Royal Family also flies commercial, with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle once flying British Airways Economy from London to Nice.

Prince William has even flown the ultra-low-cost Ryanair to Scotland before.

Harry and William also both flew budget airlines back from their cousin Zara Tindall’s wedding in Scotland in 2011.

British Airways is favoured by the royals as it is the flag carrier of the United Kingdom.

The Queen usually uses uses British Airways


AFP via Getty Images)

The Duchess of Cambridge has a special connection with the airline, as her mother Carole Middleton was a flight attendant for the airline.

Some other members of the Royal Family have flown on private jets before, but they must be travelling for official business in order to receive this benefit, and it is not guaranteed.

The Queen reportedly sets a travel budget for the entire family each year, as these are taxpayer funds being used and costs can add up to millions of pounds each year.

As the flagship carrier of the United Kingdom, British Airways aircrafts are preferred when the decision is made to charter a commercial plane for royal travel arrangements.

With a rise in awareness of global warming, the travel arrangements of those in the media spotlight are scrutinised even more than before.

For the Royal family, this is no different.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were previously widely slated for taking Sir Elton John’s private jet to Nice.

Harry defended his use of the private jet, stating that he mostly travels commercially and that in some cases he requires private travel arrangements, in light of security concerns for himself and his family.

He also confirmed that he makes use of “carbon offsetting” to cancel out his carbon footprint.